Thank you for your interest in the Agile Testing Days USA.

Over the last years the request for the Agile Testing Days coming to the US grew as well as our involvement and friendship with the American testing community. We think highly of our American friends and appreciate their ongoing support for helping our worldwide community grow.
We love the USA and were very happy to organize our very first US edition of the Agile Testing Days in Boston this June.

Sadly, we have to inform you that we decided to cancel the conference due to the current political situation in the USA.
Our hearts are bleeding, but we believe it is the right thing to do.
The Agile Testing Days (ATDs) stand for diversity, openness, respect and support the observance of human rights.
We despise any sort of hostility or harassment.

The behavior of the current US Government Authority is unacceptable for us and against our values and views.
As international organizers we also aim at a diverse and international conference crowd – audience and speakers alike.
Many people of the community are expressing their concerns, and even speakers are withdrawing from their attendance now.
All of them feel unconfident about the next months and are unsure of potential problems when entering the country, including us as organizers.

We have thought through this decision very thoroughly and hope you can understand it.
Our American dream ain’t coming true this year.
But we’ll be back once the circumstances allow us to.
For us values are more important than money.

We want to thank all the registered attendees, speakers, sponsors and our supporting friends for standing by this very difficult decision.

With love and faith,
Your ATD USA Organisation Team


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