A Little Information About Your Brain

And how testers can take advantage

“Your Brain at Work” by David Rock summarizes hundreds of scientific studies into actionable information about how your brain functions in various situations.

The human brain is incredibly complex and there is much that we do not yet understand about how it functions. In the book “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock, the author summarizes hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies on the brain and provides a treasure trove of useful information about what we do know about the brain. In this talk, Paul will summarize some of the findings disclosed and provide helpful and useful information about how we can take advantage of this knowledge. By understanding some of the details about how our brains work, we can make adjustments to our behaviors to take advantage of inherent weaknesses and strengths of the natural functioning of our brains. Topics covered will help you schedule your work within your day to take advantage of when your brain is best able to handle complex activities; help you better relate to others – especially those you just met – which will allow them to better process your ideas and suggestions; and help you understand how your brain handles (or more accurately does not handle) muti-tasking