A Tester's Life - Startup Edition

My journey at a small startup and the lessons I learned as a testing specialist.

88% of the businesses in the USA employ less than 20 employees. It is important for testers, engineering leads, founds to understand how testing specialists can bring value in this context.

Many startups do not have testing specialists and do not consider hiring them in the early life of the company. When I was offered a role at an early-stage startup as the first person in this role at the beginning of the year, I felt both excitement and nervousness. After all how many times do we get a chance to start a practice from scratch? In this talk, I will share how I worked with my team to achieve a higher quality product using Modern Testing principles. I will also delve into how I manage working with a team of 10 developers and how I avoided becoming a gatekeeper. My goal is to help testers to give an example about a different context present in small companies, and to engineering leaders, or founders to understand how a testing specialist can accelerate their business.

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