Back to Basics: Fundamental Test Skills

Get hands on with the foundational test design techniques and skills to enhance your testing.

Most of us learned to test by doing. Whether we "fell into testing" or made a decision to make testing our career, we rarely had the opportunity to learn foundational skills in a classroom or simulated environment. In this tutorial: - Get hands on with black box test design techniques and learn how they can enhance our testing and improve quality practices for the whole team - Try your hand at testing challenges and play testing games to improve your test based thinking - Immerse yourself in exploratory testing with charters Techniques we'll cover: - Equivalence Partitioning - 2 and 3 Boundary Value Analysis - Decision Tables - Interrogating User Stories - Exploratory Testing Using Charters, Heuristics, and Personas Whether you've been testing for a year or 10 years, this tutorial is for you if you want to get back to basics to deepen your testing knowledge.

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