Building a Chapter

Pitfalls to Avoid and Best Practices to follow.

Practical tips on how to build a chapter and keep momentum

Working in a completely Agile environment is an enriching experience, but how can we share best practices and learnings from the several practitioners spread across several squads and tribes? Build a Community, a Chapter of Practice. Not only to share experiences but also to engage the QA, Architects, and Developers in a common goal: the whole team￾based approach. This talk will explain what a Chapter is, why it is essential, and share our experience building a Chapter into an utterly Agile environment. We will detail how the idea began, how we engaged the Developers and Architects completely remote due to the pandemic, how the first Chapter and room started until getting momentum, and how to keep that momentum going. We will also talk about how engagement and sharing experiences improved the quality of the work the squads were delivering and how common concepts and shared experiences could increase the speed of ramp-up for new teams. After the talk, the audience will better understand what a Chapter is and have guidance on how to start it, avoid the known pitfalls, and focus on what works best for their context through engagement and technical excellence.