Business Agility Lab

Business Agility Lab

Improve your value delivery at the Business Agility Lab.

Revolutionize your organization's culture and methods by attending the Business Agility Lab! Our seasoned business leaders know the power of modern approaches and are ready to guide you through hands-on working sessions and one-on-one mentorship. Our mission? To help unlock your company's potential to meet your customers' evolving needs.

We'll work together to cultivate an agile mindset at every level of your organization, so you can tackle shifting business landscapes with confidence and finesse.

Get ready for an action-packed Agile Testing Days USA event! Our program kicks off Monday night after the tutorials, followed by two days of engaging and interactive 75-minute sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Each business agility session starts with a brief introduction to the topic, followed by hands-on experimentation with the latest concepts, methods, and tools. Our experienced executives and coaches will guide you every step of the way, so you can learn by doing and leave feeling empowered to apply what you've learned in your work environment.

So take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills and improve your team's business agility!


- Monday, May 22, 2023; 07:30 - 09:30 pm - Business Agility Lab 1
- Tuesday, May 23, 2023; 03:30 - 04:45 pm - Business Agility Lab 2
- Wednesday, May 24, 2023; 11:15 am - 12:30 pm - Business Agility Lab 3
This session will be run by:
Ray Arell, Rhea Stadick, Tobey Aumann and Shawna Cullinan