Congratulations! You're a leader! Now what?!

Strengthen your leadership skills by hearing about some of the lessons and tips learned by Janna throughout her career.

You’ve done it! You’ve finally gotten into that leadership position, whether it be a test lead, test manager, or even test director. Now what? You’ve gotten to this point because of your technical skills. Always one to jump in and fix things or get things done. However, now your job is people. You’ve gone from doing the testing to leading people who do the testing. What does this mean for you? In this talk Janna will talk about the transition from individual contributor to leader. What do you do when the skills that got you here aren’t the same as the skills that you need to be a good leader? We’ll talk about the skills you need to be a good leader, like effective one-on-ones, handling difficult situations, and defining success for not only your team but yourself.