Dungeons and Dragons: The Battle for API

Session video

You wouldn't slay a dragon using only one attack - why are you attacking quality that way? If your test automation is rooted solo in the UI, you aren't going to win the battle. Join the Battle for API

Does the extent of your test automation practice start and end with UI testing? As QA leaders, if you only focus on UI automation, it might bring some peace of mind, but you’re missing out on everything under the surface of your products. As an avid fan of API testing and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), I will take attendees on a quest to gain new insights into attacking test plans and practical solutions to avoid the front-end/back-end blame game. In addition, we will explore how leveraging D&D concepts can help you overcome your own API implementation roadblocks. Everyone deserves a holistic testing strategy that meets your business logic, while increasing coverage for all, and that includes those stuck only testing the UI. When you set out to slay the dragon it’s a good idea to use more than one approach, and the same is true for testing your products. So grab those dice and join the battle for API testing.