Focus. Deliver. Learn. Repeat.

Highly effective teams deliver consistently, repeatedly, and with a sense of momentum. Learn practical approaches you can start applying immediately to improve how well your team executes.

There’s a feeling in the air when a team is executing well. Communication flows freely. Team members have a healthy give and take. The mutual respect between team members is palpable; everyone’s contributions matter. While the team may seem serious and intense, there’s also a sense of lightness and positive energy. Ultimately the results speak for themselves: the team delivers consistently, repeatedly, and with a sense of momentum. That’s not to say every day is perfect. The team can still have late-breaking surprises, customer escalations, and all-hands-on-deck emergencies. However no matter what surprises are in store, a high functioning team is able to take it in stride. The secret boils down to four simple concepts: focus, deliver, learn, repeat. Highly effective teams focus their energy by limiting the work in progress, avoiding multitasking or split responsibilities, and ruthlessly prioritizing the work to be done. They optimize for frequent deliveries, sometimes by slicing work in non-intuitive ways. They extract every available lesson from their experience. And they pace themselves so they can deliver over and over again. In this talk you’ll hear stories about real world teams and how they improved their ability to repeatedly focus, deliver, and learn to go from struggling to executing effectively. Along the way, you’ll learn practical tips for improving how well your own team executes.

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