How Testers Can Revolutionize AI and Machine Learning

The fields of AI/ML and software testing have much in common, and AI needs testers just as much as testers need AI.

You may have heard that software ate the world and AI is eating software. However, if you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably realized that the world is filled with bad software. Many organizations struggle with meeting their quality goals and keeping testing-related costs contained. Software is indeed revolutionizing the world, but the world is also paying a revolutionary price for bad software. So where do AI and machine learning (ML) fit in? Are AI/ML breakthroughs just new ways of filling the world with bad software? Or do they offer a path towards better software? Tariq King believes that although ML is bringing valuable improvements and capabilities to software, it is unlikely for such advances to be successful without integrating testing and quality engineering into AI/ML workstreams. Join Tariq as he highlights the parallels and differences between ML engineering and software testing, and explains why he is convinced that testing professionals hold the keys for the transition to AI/ML system development. However, before testers can revolutionize AI/ML, they must first become agents of change through innovation. For the first time, Tariq will share his own journey and transformation, and discuss how he is helping other individuals, teams, and organizations on the road to AI.