How to become a Tester-preneur

Learn how to work with an entrepreneurial mindset, make people take you seriously and earn respect in the industry.

Learn different strategies to work with an entrepreneurial mindset in your full-time job and skyrocket your career.

Did you know there are a lot of similarities between a tester and an entrepreneur? In both cases, you have to establish trust & credibility, provide value, build your personal brand, fight for a cause, take pride in your work, help people, and spread the knowledge. Most importantly, you have to understand that you are the best marketer of your skillsets and value to others. In my nearly two decades of experience in tech as a Developer, Tester, Manager, Content Writer, Thought Leader, Career/Leadership coach, entrepreneur and working in various domains, including SaaS-based products, IoT, Insurance, Payroll, digital streaming services, travel, and AI-based vendor tools; I realized that irrespective of the environment you work in or your role, when you do work with an entrepreneurial mindset people take you seriously and respect you in the industry. In this talk, I will discuss different strategies I have used in my life to build my career from a shy, introverted kid earning a minimal salary into a global tester, speaker, author, and tech career and leadership coach. I will teach you with real-life examples and videos how to become your best self to your organization and the loved ones around you. Some of the tools and tricks I will share include how to - build trust and credibility at work, build your personal brand, become an effective communicator, and a thought leader, and most importantly, how to influence people and grow in your tech career.