How to Transition From a Quality Engineer to a Quality Coach

3 coaching skills that you can use in your transition from a quality engineer to a quality coach

This talk will mainly focus on how to become an effective quality coach using the 3 essential coaching skills

The testing landscape is changing fast. From the olden days of doing testing as an Adhoc activity to creating specific testing roles to testers becoming quality engineers and now transitioning to quality coaches. In this presentation I will be talking about what a quality coach is, discuss the differences and similarities between a quality engineer/tester and a quality coach as well as speak about the 3 skills that I have learned and have been using in my life and transition coaching practice and how these skills can be leveraged when transitioning from a quality engineer or tester to a quality coach role. Ultimately this talk aims to empower quality engineers, testers, and coaches to have better conversation skills, listen deeper than what is being said on a surface level, and empathize more with whomever they are working with.