Plan better testing with the Story Impact Checklist

Streamline your story planning and avoid testing gaps

Have meaningful, quality-first team discussions by using a simple tool called the "Story Impact Checklist" as your team plans testing activities for each story during iteration and story planning

Have you heard a conversation where a tester shows a programmer a problem with a story, and the programmer said, “Why are you even doing that? Is it part of the story?” Have you thought a story was ready to be accepted, but then realized the user documentation hadn’t been updated? Maybe you’ve found a big performance problem or a giant security hole at the very last minute before deploying to production. There are so many quality aspects and potential risks with each user story. It’s hard to cover all your QA-bases without spending a huge amount of time in planning sessions. This talk/workshop combo session will focus on the value of a tool called the “Story Impact Checklist.” SICs can help teams task out stories more thoughtfully, and consider many aspects of quality in a simple, concise format. They help teams determine the impact each story will have on their existing applications, and on other team's applications. Is there regression testing that should be done? What applications are impacted by this work? What devices/browsers/versions does it need to support? These are just a few examples of questions you might have on your team's Story Impact Checklist. Learn how to create one of these checklists and learn approaches for getting your team to adopt it.