Success factors for Agile releases in large corporations

It's not easy integrating existing Scrum and DevOps processes into the corporate CAB requirements

While Agile, DevOps and fast releases might not be the first thing that you think of with multinational corporations, you might get close by building trust and some adaptive thinking.

Your sprint delivered a new product increment and your pipelines have built successfully, but your organisation doesn’t allow you to release without approval from the Change Acceptance Board or support from the Release Management team. Large scale corporations have the tendency to be wary of Agile and DevOps and the speed of releases they enable. Changing this mindset is slow, as it’s not easy to turn such a large organisational ship. This talk shares insights and practices that I applied when the two worlds of an Agile- and DevOps-minded start-up and a multinational corporation collided. Setting course for success required us to prove First Time Right releases and gain the trust of the management stakeholders. I will talk how we integrated the existing DevOps processes into the existing CAB requirements, for example by automating the creation and sharing of release notes in the pipeline. We will go over success factors and what tools and practices you can apply to set this course in your organisation.