Team Transformation Tactics for Holistic Testing and Quality

Build your toolbox of approaches and take action to help your team on their journey

Have you ever observed quality problems with what your team is delivering? Have you ever felt your team is learning about the actual status quo late, too late to include these insights in your next steps? Have you ever wondered how to influence change when you’re “just” a specialist on the team, maybe even felt powerless?

I’ve mostly worked with people who never experienced effective collaboration across roles and specialties. How to get such a team to move toward testing throughout the delivery workflow from idea to production, on all kinds of levels, for all parts of the product, by the whole team? How to consider quality from the start and have it continuously inform our decision-making?

Over the years, I’ve built a repertoire of tactics to help teams transform toward holistic testing and quality. They range from meeting people where they are to creating guidelines, pairing and many others. It’s a toolbox of approaches to try out and find the sweet spot where people start moving toward better directions together. These tactics are fallible, not all of them work in all contexts, and yet they have helped my teams get to a better place.

Join this talk to get inspired to take things into your hands. Learn what you can try yourself in your context to help your team make the first steps on your journey towards holistic testing and quality.