The Age-Old Problem: Using Experience, Age, and Biases

It’s never a “technology” problem; using experience to solve the people problem

Long ago and not so long ago, people new to working in technology were told to learn from their elders and be patient. Later, it was expected that everyone expected that everyone contribute as an equal, with the seniors gently shepherding the juniors from potential problems. More recently, people want the “stodgy old folks” to get out of the way of those nimble, more adept young people. Maybe, those young fresh minds do learn quicker and can keep up with technology changes. BUT, technology doesn’t solve all problems. The basic underlying issues don’t change which is why so many companies are still failing to deliver successfully. For example, organizations often try to solve problems with technology without understanding the problem they are “solving.” Join Janet and Pete as they look at their experiences with underlying problem solving that cross technologies and years. They are the same now as there were in 19xx.