The Agile Tester's Journey

Understanding where you are on your journey as an agile tester will help you navigate around any existing or potential obstacles to your transformation toward greater agility.

Joseph Campbell, in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, explains that myths from across the globe follow a similar pattern. He theorized that these myths were (and are) powerful because every person sees in themselves the opportunity to improve and transform. Similarly, organizations seeking the treasure of agile transformation: increased productivity, better value for their customers, improved working relationships across the organization, etc. can relate to, at least some aspects of the Hero’s Journey. As testers working in an organization that is adopting agility, we find ourselves on our own Hero's Journey that is wrought with challenges and obstacles to overcome. In this workshop, Shaun Bradshaw explains how the Agile Tester's Journey aligns with the common “stages” of Campbell's Hero’s Journey. For each of the stages, Shaun will describe hallmark examples to help you recognize where you are along your path, and provide insights on how to move to the next level - regardless of whether your organization just made the decision to “go agile" or it’s been agile for years. Join Shaun as he works with you to gain valuable insights about where you are on your Agile Tester's Journey and where you can go from here.

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