Testing your way to Digital Transformation

Digital transformations are commonplace across many enterprises today and have been for the past few years. Agile is key to these transformations, and so is testing, yet testing is overlooked. Why?

You’ve heard about all the digital transformation going on. It’s everywhere.
Whether you’re a large enterprise or a smaller, established business, it’s on you to continually transform your business to stay relevant and continue to attract customers. This is even more true given the current pivot in the market with generative AI.

New companies are being formed every day based on ChatGPT and the like.
As a tester, where do you fit in?
Are you going to be replaced by an AI engine?
What can you do to embrace change, leverage new technologies and help your enterprise continually evolve.
As an Agile team member, how can testing help your team deliver value faster?

The phrase “shift left” has become commonplace and implies that developers are doing more testing. If you’re in a large enterprise, what you’re probably seeing is that QA is still a “throw it over the wall” function that’s less concerned with Agility and more concerned with code coverage and functional testing in the fastest time possible.
At times, the Agile and testing can have diametrically opposed goals.
Join Dan Rabinovitz as he explores the role of testing in a digital transformation.

Topics covered will include:
- What “digital transformation” actually means in real world terms
- The benefits of Agile and TDD in a digital transformation
- Common transformation mistakes and how to avoid them
- The role QA developers need to take in a digital transformation