Welcoming & Meet the Speakers

Welcoming & Meet the Speakers

You have attended a tutorial all day or just arrived to start fresh into the first conference day on Tuesday, May 23?
Either way, make the most of your visit and join us for a relaxed hour over free non-alcoholic drinks.

We would love to officially welcome you to our 4th edition of AgileTD USA.
You learn what is awaiting you this evening and in the next two days.
You meet like minded people and start the networking fun.

AND You MEET the Speakers!

This is a special chance to meet your idols / friends / experts you've been following on social media, whose books you've been reading, whose recommendations you might have been following or who you always wanted to meet in person.

Ask your questions, dive into discussions, share your own thoughts - don't be shy. The #AgileTDUSA community welcomes and respects everyone!


(free non-alcoholic drinks included; plus 1 coupon per person for a beer or wine, then cash-bar)