The ATD USA Experience 2022

The three day event entailed a variety of intense full-day tutorials, a rich 6-track conference program, featuring track sessions and workshops, keynotes, , and exceptional bonus sessions. What makes AgileTDUSA stand out is the great variety of social events and networking opportunities as well as the open and welcoming atmosphere. Topics ranged from emerging technical needs in agile testing over test automation to accessibility, mentoring, and mental health - ATD USA widens the scope for tech-based businesses. In recent years speakers, attendees and organizers have built one of the most diverse, collaborative, and energetic communities in the world — a safe place to share ideas and evolve professional and personal skills. In other words, it's all about you.


See what people say about the Agile Testing Days USA

I am impressed from Day 1 on how much information I am given, how clear things are, how people are nice and get along. People working behind this conference are friends. And it is a great feeling that from e-mails to coming here, I felt taken care of - people knew who I was and know my name even if I never met them before. It was a great experience. 

Profile Pic – Nancy Gariché
Nancy Gariché

AgileTD USA is a very welcoming environment for speakers, new speakers, and veterans. They have multiple tracks and a lot of room for your to talk to fit in somewhere. You meet other like-minded people, lots of people here are trying to get ideas out, learning things, and sending messages to the community. 

Profile Pic – Vernon Richards
Vernon Richards

#AgileTDUSA & #AgileTD community gives you the comfort zone to be authentic and be yourself.. Fun overloaded #AgileTDUSA

Profile Pic – Shivani Gaba
Shivani Gaba

The 1:1s I had between Vernon Richards and Jenny Bramble were so good. I’m learning and sharing so many experiences during our time together. Loving all the generosity here. Thank you #AgileTDUSA for bringing us together.

Profile Pic – Erin Crise
Erin Crise

My heart is shattered into a million little pieces to leave
but home I must go. Y’all are chicken soup for the soul. #AgileTDUSA

Profile Pic – Ashley Hunsberger
Ashley Hunsberger

As I head to the airport to leave Chicago, I reflect on what made Agile Testing Days USA so memorable, and while there are many things sometimes it's the little things that count, like coming off the speaker stage and being given a token of appreciation.

Profile Pic – Tariq King
Tariq King