JUNE 23-27, 2019



Save the date and join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!



How much are the registration fees?

Please find the ticket fees here: agiletestingdays.us/register

Do you have special rates?

We offer Super Early Lobster prices until April 26, 2019, followed by the Early Bird prices, available until May 24, 2019.

Do you offer group or student discounts?

Groups with 3 or more people are eligible for a group discount. We also offer special rates for students. Please get in touch before you register online: clientsupport@techwell.com

How can I pay for my registration?

During your online registration you will be given the option to remit payment via credit card, wire transfer, and for US & Canada only—check, purchase order, or we will send you a bill. If you have a question, please contact us at clientsupport@techwell.com.

When is the registration deadline?

The registration will remain open through the end of the event. The earlier you book your ticket, the more you’ll save. agiletestingdays.us/register

I accidentally made a mistake in my registration, what to do?

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. Email us at clientsupport@techwell.com or give us a call: 1.904.278.0524

I want to change my registration, how to do that properly?

Please send us an email to clientsupport@techwell.com and let us know what needs to be changed.

I registered, but I would like to add/cancel events/days to my registration. How can I do that?

Please send us an email to clientsupport@techwell.com and let us know what needs to be changed.

Can I change my registration from one day to the full conference after I have finalized my registration?

Yes, this is possible. Please send us an email to clientsupport@techwell.com.


Is it possible to cancel my registration and get a refund?

No fee is charged for cancellations made before Monday, May 27, 2019. Registrations cancelled after Monday, May 27, 2019, are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. No cancellations or refunds may be made after Monday, June 3, 2019. Substitutions may be made at any time before the first day of the program. TO CANCEL: Call us at 1.904.278.0524 or 888.268.8770, or email us at clientsupport@techwell.com.

I won’t be able to attend myself, can someone else use my ticket?

It is possible to transfer your ticket to someone else at no cost. Therefore, please email clientsupport@techwell.com and provide the new name and email address so we can issue a new and valid registration


Can you recommend somewhere to stay?

We recommend staying at the conference hotel (Palmer House Hilton, Chicago) as this is the easiest for you. We have a special rate for our ATD USA attendees. Make sure you mention “Agile Testing Days USA” when you book. Further details available here: agiletestingdays.us/venue/.


I booked a certain tutorial but would like to visit another instead. Is this possible?

As soon as you realize this, please get in touch (clientsupport@techwell.com)! The tutorial presenters get updated with the number of attendees for their workshop and arrange it accordingly. The sooner they know there is a change in the attendee numbers, the better they are able to edit the planned group exercises etc.

I booked a full-day tutorial but need to leave before lunch. Is that okay?

We recommend staying for the full length of the tutorial as it is only of value for your learnings if you stay for the full workshop. It may also interrupt the group work.


Where can I find the program for ATD USA?

Please find the 2018 program here: agiletestingdays.us/program/.

Will there be free WiFi?

Yes, there will be free WiFi in the hotel.

Do I need a laptop?

Not in general, but some workshops may require a laptop or similar. If that is the case, you will find an indication within the online program. Please check the sessions you are interested in, if these require any devices. For note taking there will be pens and paper available.

Will be slides and videos available after the conference?

The speakers are able to upload their presentations already during the conference. After the conference, there will be a reminder again to all speakers to provide their presentations. All conference attendees will be able to download the available presentations from the online program. Please note, that not all speakers can or want to share their slides. Some will officially share a link to their slides on twitter or facebook.

Can I visit all talks and workshops as I want, or do I need to pre-register/sign-up for each session?

There is no pre-registration for any of the conference sessions. We also won’t know in advance which sessions will draw most attention and which won’t. To avoid disappointment, make sure you visit the applicable room of your preferred session as early as possible. Once the room is full, no further people are allowed in due to security reasons. We recommended that you put together your desired sessions in advance and make sure you know your way to it. Also plan for some breaks, the input will be intense!

Are all night activities included in the ticket fee/price?

Yes they are and we highly recommend to join us for them. The evening events are a great opportunity to network and to make new contacts and friends while having fun.

When I book the full conference ticket, do I need to check in every morning?

You only need to check in with us on the first day of your attendance. However, you will need to wear your badges at all days and times.


Is lunch provided at the conference days/tutorial day?

Yes, there will be a lunch buffet as well as various snack breaks throughout the days.

I am on a diet, I have allergies, will ATD provide adequate food?

There will be a great variety to meet all tastes and the food will have signs next to it to display what you see . The hotel will also be able to offer you something different in case there is nothing there for you. If you are unsure, please contact us in advance or come see us at the registration desk during the ATDs, we will make sure you won’t stay hungry.

I am vegetarian/vegan – will ATD serve vegan or veggie food?

We always offer a variety of vegetarian/vegan dishes. If you are unsure, please contact us in advance or come see us at the registration desk during the ATDs, we will make sure you won’t stay hungry.

Do I need to pay for food?

The provided food and drinks for continental breakfast and lunch are included in your registration. However, dinner is on your own.

Other questions

Can I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes, within a week after Agile Testing Days USA has been held, we will automatically email you a certificate of completion.

What is the ATD Code of Conduct?

It is our aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for everyone. We do not allow any harassment or discrimination of any kind. Anyone offending against it will be excluded from the event at no refund. Read more here: agiletestingdays.us/code-of-conduct/

What is the ATD Diversity Statement?

We from the ATD team believe in diversity and equality. We encourage everyone to join our conferences/events and actively try to motivate minorities of any kind to be part of the awesome Agile Testing community. We are only strong together - no matter the religion, gender, origin, testing experience etc. https://youtu.be/w-lipDG_q1o

Can I submit content for the ATD Blog?

If you would like to write an article for our blog, please get in touch! We are always happy to publish informative, relevant and entertaining topics to be shared with the community. Write to: info@agiletestingdays.com

What if I have a question that was not answered here?

Please contact us at clientsupport@techwell.com or call us at 1.904.278.0524. We look forward to hearing from you!

How do I get to the venue?

Please check out our „How to get there“ information available here: agiletestingdays.us/venue/.

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