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Python for Testers by Rahul Verma

Agile Testing Condensed by Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory

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5 Days Package

2-day Tutorial
(June 05 - 06, 2022)

Python for Testers
by Rahul Verma

Conference Day 1

June 07, 2022

Conference Day 2

June 08, 2022

Conference Day 3

June 09, 2022

$ 1.395,00

Tutorial Option

2-day Tutorial
(June 20 – 21, 2021)

Python for Testers
by Rahul Verma

$ 1.395,00

Conference Option

Conference Day 1

June 22, 2021

Conference Day 2

June 23, 2021

$ 1.395,00


$ 0.00

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ends May 1, 2022


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Super Early Bird

Save up to $700 with our Super Early Bird discount! Register on or before March 13, 2022 and get your tickets at the best price available. Super Early Bird savings depend on the conference package selected.

Early Bird

With the Early Bird special you will receive up to $500 off the regular ticket prices. To qualify, just register before May 1, 2022. Early Bird savings depend on the conference package selected.

Alumni Discount

You have been to Agile Testing Days USA or Agile Testing Days Germany before? Contact us via to get your 20% AgileTDUSA discount code. We are happy to have you back!

Team Discounts

Gather your team and save big! Register a group of three or more: 3 to 4 people save 15%, 5 to 6 save 20%, 7 to 8 save 25%, and 8 to 9 save 30% on each registration. Please write an email to to receive the applicable group discount codes. Find out why you should come with your whole team here.

Referral Program

Get a $100 Gift Card for every conference registration you refer! Send an email to to let us know you want to participate in the Agile Testing Days USA Referral Program. You will receive an email with your own personal discount code within 24 hours to share with your network. With this code your contacts save 10% off their registration to Agile Testing Days USA. Then, just share your code via your social channels, website, blog, personally or whatever way you like. Your Gift Card(s) will be emailed to you right after the event has been held and your referral's attendance has been confirmed. Sharing is caring, let the fun begin!

Limit of 5 registrations per person, worth $500 in Gift Cards.

Student Discount Program

Enhance your software testing skills and professional expertise by attending Agile Testing Days USA. Connect with some of the most prestigious industry leaders in our expo and get insights to latest industry trends. Contact us to receive our special student pricing.

Multi-Day Packages

Increase the learning and the fun by choosing one of our package deals. Add a 1-day or 2-day tutorial to your conference to get the best deal, which saves you up to $300. Just pick your best choice in the registration. The package discount will be applied automatically.

Please note:

Only ONE (1) discount code may be applied per registration. Maximum discount is limited to 20%, exception being groups of 7+ people.

The Agile Testing Days USA welcome everyone and we try our hardest to make this conference available to the whole community. It is important to us to support non-profit organizations, self-employed, and students. Please contact to find out how to qualify and what we can offer.

Special Discount for Self-Employed and Self-Payers

You are self-employed and want to attend the conference? Or your management will not pay for your participation? Contact us to receive more information about special discounts for self-paying individuals.

Special Pricing for Non-Profit Organizations

If your organization operates for a collective, public or social benefit, you qualify for a special pricing on Agile Testing Days USA registrations. Contact us to learn more.

Special Pricing for the Unemployed

Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest software testing trends and grow your skills for your next job in the industry. Meet like-minded professionals and leading It company representatives in our expo. Contact us for more details.

Cancellation & Substitutions

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Convince Your Boss

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