JUNE 21 – 25, 2020


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

8-Bit Pro - Experiential Learning through Gaming

A workshop for anyone who enjoys learning through play.

Video games are software products too, made by individuals and teams, often with a range of different quality aspects at play. Let's explore those in this workshop.

Video Gaming has long been a route into technology careers for many people, yet has often been written off as a wasteful past time. I would argue that this is a false assumption. It’s one of the world’s leading creative industries.

Many IT professionals started off playing games, writing and debugging code, even becoming games developers and testers - perhaps then leading to other types of software development. In this workshop, we will actually play video games - to learn.

We’ll explore the unique quality issues that relate to video games, how gaming can help testers and other IT professionals to discover learning through play.

We will also explore the journeys of building and designing a game iteratively, through iteratively creating characters, scenarios, and environments, exploring code and solving problems. This is a practical workshop, so users will need to bring a laptop, and if a tablet or mobile device is available, then bring that too.

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