A Healthy Hard Reset - Giving Up on a Career Goal

How to Recover from a Perceived “Failure”

Giving up on a career goal you had your mind set on achieving is sometimes necessary yet hard. Reset goals in a healthy and impactful way via meaningful rest, reformed routines, and self-evaluation.

We all have plans to succeed in our professional lives — whether it’s being part of a notable and successful startup, excelling in our craft, or even being recognized as a leader in our respective fields. However, things don’t always go as planned. Navigating the best next step forward when a proverbial wrench has drastically screwed up our aspirations can seem nearly impossible, especially when imposter syndrome and a fear of disappointing others loom on the sidelines.

This talk details the importance of knowing when and how to take a step back in order to take the best step forward. Through highlighting her own startup experience, Nannearl shares three effective methods she has utilized to reset her goals and expectations in a healthy and impactful way.

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