A Testers Story

How a Tester is Shaping the Future of Functionize

Why the user became my priority

I still remember the day I fell in love with software testing. I was about two months into my testing career and doing what all junior testers do, learning in public.

I stumbled across behavior in the application that wasn’t “wrong” or even broken, but also, wasn’t usable.
I excitedly ran over, okay, I didn’t run (I don’t run), I walked quickly to the developer’s desk to breathlessly tell him what was wrong with the behavior I observed.
From that day on, the user became my priority.

Join Jenna, Product Owner at Functionize while they share why the user is still their priority 13 years later. And how their journey in testing is shaping the future of Functionize, making it an automation solution created “by testers, for testers”.