Agile Community Evening - Windy City Wrap-Up

The last night of the Agile Testing Days USA has come. But it is not all over yet. Take a moment for some self-reflection and recollection of these past few exciting days. Breathe, relax and share. This is what this community evening is all about. 

Take the chance to gather with the Agile Testing Days USA family, once more, before stepping out of Unicornland. Get together for a relaxed round up of the conference and share your best memories, new insights or improvement ideas. What can you take away? How will you implement new learnings and skills to your daily work routine?

We will have a fun communal night, whether you want to share your thoughts or ask questions, network and play games or just want to hang out and reminisce. This is the place and time. 

The event will start with a short introduction in the Exhibiton Hall. Please meet us there to find out which stations exist and for the ones into games, where each game is going to happen. 

Agile games enable us to explore ways to solve problems and connect with peers to spread the Agile mindset. With the gamification of Agile, you will gain a new perspective of the Agile principles. Come and join the fun! The games will help you understand Agile principles and other testing skills. We hope you will bring them home to your own company to teach your co-workers.

Participation is free! Dinner buffet & drinks included.