Agile-ify Your Home

Building your own Agile Home

Rocking the Agile world at work but missing the rhythm and flow at home?

We have all reaped the benefits of using Agile at work. Why not take some of the principles back home? Take your personal and family productivity to the next level by getting your home ‘Agilified’! Come and see examples of templates to help create your own Agile Home to clean up the never ending to-do lists, confusions, budgeting and unnecessary stress due to lack of communication. Learn how to involve all the members of your family to have your own scrum team working towards the common family goals!

Outline of the session :

1) Understanding the principles of Agile

2) How Agile Principles can be applied at home

3) Preparing a Plan of Action using tools to set up Agile workflow at home

4) Examples of Templates/Workflows for different family structures

At the end of the talk attendees can take back some tips on building a strategic framework for leading an agile based home by challenging assumptions and moving into actions!

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