JUNE 23-27, 2019



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Agile Management & Leadership Clinic

The key to solving your management challenges is in the unique landscape of your project, environment, people, and YOU.

There are many challenges to solve as a leader or manager in every Agile organization. For example: How do you coach and support Agile team members without getting in the way? Where do you find additional staff for a critical release when you have half the time you estimated for? How do you shift poor stakeholder relationships so everyone can be productive and fully contribute towards a successful release? In this interactive tutorial, Selena guides an examination of participants’ real-life challenges and approaches to uncover solutions for the unique situations you face. In this tutorial, you will discover that the key to solving your challenges is in the uniqueness of your project, your environment, the people involved, and yourself. Learn to recognize these context-specific situational identifiers, methods to uncover and apply appropriate solutions for your specific challenges, and expand your impact as a leader in your organization.

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