AI, Robotics in Fitness & Intelligent Assistant Testing

1. Use of Robots in Fitness domain for testing your solution2. Intelligent Assistants Testing - Testing Voice Assistance using AI. Train your testing model in short time with automated scripts

We are working on Fitness tracking products i.e. Gear, Virtual Assistance products which are based on Artificial Intelligence which are similar to Siri & Alexa. Here I have divided the presentation in two sections:

1. Fitness Tracking product testing:

a. Use of Robots in testing for product related to walking/exercise: As we know walking becomes increasingly important as a form of exercise as people age. Currently we have million of people who use our products for this purpose. So our product should give high accuracy in step counts, distance, speed, calories, heart rate etc. We used robots to simulate some of these testing. We could save lot of time as we reduced manual effort and at the same time we could do robustness testing and precision in testing increased.

b. Walking Pattern Identification for Authentication & Coaching: Here the idea is to do gait based user authentication for the intended user so that step count is counted only for the intended user in case this person share his smartphone/gear device with some family/other person.

c. Coaching apps which acts as Therapist for the people who sustain problems related to limbs such as neuro-muscular imbalance, week muscle, paralysis, physical injuries which can lead to limping, foot dragging, slow gaits and dependence to walk using cane or crutches

2. Virtual Assistant (Voice based) testing for the products which could run in VD(TV), DA(Refrigerators), smartphone, MDE ecosystem.

a. The idea is to cover high level Automation tool which was used in the testing of this product.

b. How can we automate tagging of the datasets, how to train the model so that we can reduce manual effort in testing by upto 90%. I am planning to cover details on “Data Annotation” in this section.

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