JUNE 21 – 25, 2020


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

Automated Test Kata - One Day Workshop

Get your hands on a project in need of better automated tests! Can you make a difference?

  • Are you baffled about how to contribute to automation efforts?
  • Do you want to learn more about unit testing?
  • Do you just want to have fun testing the hell out of a challenging piece of code?

If your answer to any of those was a yes, then this is the workshop for you!

The workshop focuses strongly on kinesthetic or "learning by doing". The setup is that our lead developer won the lottery and has dramatically quit the company.

You're left looking through what they've built and trying to work out if it's fit for purpose! In this workshop we'll attempt to test a fuel management system for an aircraft. We'll download a project from GitHub as a starter, evaluate it, add some tests and make improvements. The code has been created in Java, but has been carefully created so adding new tests will involve minimal language skills. What you'll most need to bring is your testing mindset.

The workshop is split into five exercises which will be run in groups. We’ll start with a couple of exercises using unit testing (as this is a lightweight, easy and fast framework).

As the day progresses, we’ll move onto adding tests using a Selenium WebDriver framework on a web version of the application.

Finally, we’ll be using a suite of automated tests to review a series of proposed go-live builds, to perform analysis of any problems.

This is set to be a great day, so book early and bring your enthusiasm and your energy!

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