Automating customer support

Integrating Customer Support into the Product Development Pipeline

Great products need joined forces in development, testing AND customer support.

There is no better way to learn about your customers, test assumptions and prove your product than by doing customer support. Whether you’re a tester, developer or a product owner, time in customer support will give you an extremely valuable opportunity of finding bugs and insight you might have missed.

The support perspective helps you identify unusual customer flows you’re not tracking with your analytics tools, and check risks and benefits of your new features. Customer support process can be very time consuming and expensive, and is often kept an arm length away from the development and testing. In this talk, I’ll present our experience of why and how we joined forces in development, testing *and* customer support for developing cloud storage services for private customers. Together we are building self-reliant user communities and automating designated answers to different categories of customer requests.

We are on our journey, with experience of tremendous insights and lessons learned to turn customer support process into a valuable product development pipeline. Not only we improved our collaboration, but also significantly improved our leadership skills. Join me for learning from our experiences.