Beginner's Guide to the Automation Galaxy

Understanding why, when, and how to automate is the key to creating useful and meaningful test automation for your team.

Exploring the space of test automation is an exciting adventure - there’s so much to learn and discover! The options for automation are wide open, and you may be feeling overwhelmed as you prepare for your first voyage: "Which tool or framework should I use? How do I know which tests to automate? Why is automated testing useful for my team?"

I want your voyage to be successful! The goal of test automation is to create anti-fragile tests that are easy to understand and maintain. I’ll help you achieve that goal by sharing my own close calls with automation black holes so you can be prepared to chart a successful course for your own expedition. You’ll need to think about things like:

• What’s important to consider when you’re choosing a tool or framework
• How to decide which tests to automate, and why
• Best practices for actually writing the tests, like granularity and useful failure messages

Being able to set a solid foundation for an automation journey is useful for everyone. You’ll come away from this talk feeling confident that you know how to successfully launch your automation journey!

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