Being Agile: Embracing Your Special Abilities

When it comes to developing, one size does not fit all! As a result, a high incident of dyslexia, ADHD and autism spectrum traits, are found in developers. Let’s steer the strengths!

The most unstoppable developers have been in a situation where a system has gone down or something broke, and they were responsible for getting it back up. The resilience of an unstoppable developer can usually be tracked back to their school experiences.

Students that exhibit special needs gain thick skin in school because they face challenges that the typical student can’t fathom like receiving insulting red stained comments on their work even when they put their best foot forward and being singled out to complete a task that should be modified for their understanding.

These students grow into developers who live in the trenches, understand that mistakes are often the best learning opportunities and maintain an obnoxious amount of stick-to-itiveness.