Bobcat - a story about open sourcing a framework

A journey from going live as open-source, through a 2.0 version till today

Open sourcing your internal framework might open various doors for your company but also comes with some duties you might not have expected when going public

Having your own test framework is something natural for an established, serious and self-respecting company. You get additional bonus points when you make such a tool public as open-source.

Very often though, we do not pay enough attention to the consequences of decisions like that. We do not have a roadmap or an idea of how we will actually support the growth of our new product.

I would like to tell you what I have learned about:

- designing an API that serves a wider audience,

- supporting community,

- managing documentation,

- consequences of decisions that made perfect sense back then (or you thought of it as the best idea you ever had)

- why is it worth to go open-source in the first place

…and other things I have encountered when taking care of my company’s (now open-source) framework, Bobcat.

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