Break the Box and Redefine Your Role

A given role can feel like a box of other people’s expectations, but it doesn't have to be that way. Take control of the impact you make, and re-educate yourself and others in how to do great work.

From scrum masters to project managers to agile coaches — project leaders and facilitators play a critical role in helping our teams and organizations to achieve success. However, it can feel at times that we’re being placed in a box, as our teams and organizations may define us based on misconceptions that they have about our roles and responsibilities.

This could be the result of misinformation and misguided routines that have been allowed to form over the years without any correction. Perhaps there could be a conflicting view on the role of a scrum master, or an organization may misplace certain tasks and activities on project managers to because that’s “just the way it’s always been done”. These moments can be frustrating, and they can also greatly limit not only the growth of our project leaders and facilitators, but the growth of our teams and organizations as well.

In this presentation, I’ll share strategies on how we can move beyond the limits that others place on us, including tips on harnessing inspiration from external sources, and redefining our roles through education and communication.

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