Built in Quality - A multi-level challenge

Built in quality is a core principle of Lean and SAFe that is gaining more and more attention, but building quality in is a challenging task with an impact that exceeds the team level.

Organizations have adopted Agile, Scrum, DevOps, CI/CD practices widely in order to increase their adaptivity. While doing so, they learn that it is impossible to speed up the IT deliverance without trusting the quality. Lean and SAFe have Built in Quality as a core principle, but what does that mean for teams and organizations? In this presentation Derk-Jan will share the challenges he encounters at various organizations. How do teams work and collaborate in order to release valuable increments, and what are approaches to increase the quality awareness? We will discuss the role of tester on team level but also investigate how quality is organized scaled settings where teams need to collaborate on a single increment. How can you organize quality on release level, what types of releases can we distinguish and who is responsible? What do we see in practice and how should it work? In order to have quality built in, we need more than just good tests. But a strategy also. Implementing this on various levels is challenging and has impact on the way we develop our software.

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