CI/CD: Not Just Deploying More Often

CI/CD is more than just a buzzword and in many cases it is worth implementing. We will discuss how to develop a plan and how to start making progress on moving to CD.

  • Why move to CI/CD?
  • What is it that you want to accomplish?
  • How do you start to make the move without compromising quality?

When Lucidchart started looking into CI/CD, we found a lot of articles and blog posts on the ideal end result but very little information, if any, about how to start or how to get there.

One thing that we knew for sure was that we couldn’t budge on the quality of what was deployed. Lucidchart isolated specific low-risk services to build a CI/CD process around. Once we had the tools and processes in place, we expanded those tools and processes to support our more complex services. Working with QA along the way was essential because they are the experts in ensuring quality.

CI/CD requires a mindset change. In many cases the testing that occurs simply needs to be moved to a different part of the process. For Lucidchart, this change has been a huge success. We went from having around 25 releases a month to releasing thousands of times per month with fewer bugs making it to production. Learn about the principles of CI/CD with practical examples of how to get from the status quo to extracting the value of CI/CD.