Coaching a senior management team to become agile

A practical report

(Senior) management is one of the key stakeholders in being agile. Changing the behavior of senior management takes specific measures.

In order to successfully implement Scrum and make an organization more agile (senior) management have to change their behaviour and way of working as well. But coaching senior management takes a different approach compared to coaching a team or the business.

In this talk Jan Jaap will share his experience with coaching a senior management team to adopt agile and act as needed in an organization that uses Scrum. Jan Jaap will describe how the management was acting, who they wanted to management IT development and how they felt about Agile and Scrum.

The presentation will start with the story of the first meeting Jan Jaap had with the CEO where he thought he insulted the CEO and expected to be kicked out. But it turned out Jan Jaap was the first one to give the CEO feedback. In the rest of the talk Jan Jaap will tell how he changed the behaviour of some of the senior managers, how he communicated with them and what tools he used.

He will also tell where he didn’t succeed and what the results of the assignment was. In the sideline of the presentation Jan Jaap will explain some communication models and management models to explain the background of the choices he made and strategies he choose. In this part he will talk about different communication styles, politics in organizations and an overdose of caffeine and alcohol.

By attending to this talk you gain insight how to approach management and help them to take their role in becoming agile as well as implementing Scrum.