1-Day Tutorial: Collaboration Tools for Testers and Teams

Tools and Techniques for Self-Organizing Teams

This workshop provides tools that both help identify who is involved in a decision and ease the decision making process.

Key Learnings:

  • Techniques for thinking about difficult challenges together as a team
  • Tools for getting to agreement on who will participate (and who won’t)
  • Simple Techniques for making decisions

Even high functioning teams occasionally have a hard time making decisions or coming up with creative ideas.

There are times when the conversation seems to drag on long after a decision is reached.

There are times when we have too many people involved in the discussion or the wrong people involved.

There are times when we’re not sure whose the actual decision maker.

And there are those times when we just seem to be out of synch with each other.

This creative collaboration workshop provides tools that help resolve all of these issues.

Come have some laughs with Doc and Diane, play with new friends, and learn one or two new techniques you can try at home.

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