Context Is Everything

There’s a frequent conversation going on in the Testing world, “How do I prove my value?” & “Where is the future of testing going?” Although relevant, let’s see testers for the value they really are.

There is a lot of talk about the future of testing; “Where is testing going?”, “How do I prove my value? And “Will automation or AI replace me?” It appears people’s biggest concerns are around the fear of being pushed out of the industry, as well as what they have to do to maintain their jobs and stay relevant. In a field so focused on context, we have to stop and remember, context is everything.

Although the urgency is upon us to answer these questions, perhaps we can take a better look at where we are today, and how the testers that we’ve become are only going to continue to prove valuable assets to any organization, as we look outside of the typical context placing testers in silos and boxes.

In this talk, Ash will speak about what the world knows testers to be. She will help the audience better understand the testers that we are, and will drive the conversation around how this context will keep testers testing for many years to come.