JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

Continuous Testing for DevOps

As agile development practices mature and DevOps principles begin to infiltrate our corporate cultures, organizations realize the distinct opportunity

Organizations must release software faster, as well as ensure the safety, security, and reliability of their applications. The option to make trade-offs between time and quality no longer exists—software teams must deliver quality at speed. Businesses have shifted from more traditional approaches of delivering software to a more rapid iterative release and delivery approach.  DevOps has extended this shift to include the operations side of software and is a critical component in being able to accelerate software delivery. Accelerating any business process, however, exposes systemic constraints that shackle the entire organization to its slowest moving component. The most significant barrier to taking full advantage of iterative development is testing, which often has an unbalanced reliance on manual efforts.


Join Larry to make the shift from test automation to continuous testing.  Leverage the transformative development strategies being implemented by adopting continuous testing.  Make use of service virtualization, automated API testing and test environment management to eliminate the barriers to your organizations adoption of continuous delivery of software.

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