Cook up some fun with Kanban pizza

Which team can make the most "pizza" ? Think Lean and optimize your team's pizza assembly line for victory!

Part 1: 30 minute talk – the theory

Kanban is a visual way to show your work in progress as it flows through your workflow. To Do. In Progress. Done. Simple right?

The simplicity of kanban can make it tricky to implement and can hide it’s true value. We will cover some of the Lean principles that are at the heart of kanban along with some in-the-field implementation tips that will make kanban shine for you.


Part 2: 75 minute workshop – hands-on practice


Kanban pizza is the action-packed Agile42 game used to teach lean principles.

Teams set up their pizza assembly line and compete to finish the most “pizza slices” in timed rounds. After each round, teams retrospect and make adjustments to their production line to reduce waste and improve flow.

Come join us for some fun learning. Leave with an understanding of how a better flow improves results. And maybe you will also leave with some new friends!

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