Creating a diverse and inclusive world in the digital age

Panel discussion with Raj Subrameyer, Nancy Gariché, Tolu Adegbite & Deena McKay

What it means for people of color to make their way in the tech industry

Organizations have put in more efforts to build a diverse and inclusive work environment as it has shown to attract better talent, improve employee retention and help to foster innovation in the workplace. But, a toxic by-product of this effort is the emergence of racism in the workplace. It is an ongoing issue affecting marginalized communities. Research has found that about 1 in 5 people continue to experience racism in the workplace. 

Addressing D&I related issues a challenging and daunting task. Some people may not know some actions could be considered detrimental to others due to a lack of cultural context. On the other hand, certain actions may not cross the boundaries of legal actions and, most times, go unabated. Regardless of the situation, people are affected and feel insecure. Although reducing microaggressions is a complex task, it is not impossible. There are different ways to reduce their occurrence within organizations.

Come join this panel discussion, where we discuss what it means for people of color to make their way in the tech industry. What challenges do they have to face to prove themselves? How can we all detect our own and others’ racial microaggressions that we are not even aware of? How can we be allies, not only in tech, for anyone feeling the social pressure of being “different”? Yes, the topic of “diversity” has been addressed and entered open public discourse, but do we really understand what it means? Can we relate, can we feel, do we really comprehend what it means?

Each of the panel members will share their personal stories and discuss ideas to make the world a slightly more inclusive space for everyone irrespective of their race, culture and sex.

This keynote panel, lead by Raj Subrameyer, tries to widen the scope & open our hearts and minds on all these matters and might be able to give a few hints on how we can take action to truly be inclusive and diverse!!

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