Your Product is the story where Users are heroes, therefore they need a good story they can picture themselves in.

A product tells a story where users are the heroes. Developing a product is like crafting a story. A Demo is like telling the story of a sprint. The practice of customer centric Agile Product Development highlights the importance of one of Agile Ceremonies: The Demo. The Demo is the hands-on validation of achieved value. It enables focused, effective, and concrete feed-back from customers. The Demo projects us into the story of users' new experience using the new version of the product. Why does story matter? Because our brain is story wired. It infers the information it receives and builds patterns for fast decision. We love thinking concepts, and at the same time, our brain needs concrete data to focus our attention on relevant information. Demos, as stories and experiments, meet our need of concreteness. If the product is an User Experience story, what about building it as a TV show? And what if in this TV show each sprint demo is built like an episode? The "Demo For Your Brain" workshop shows how we can build an “Agile Incremental Product as a Serial Experiment” -- that tells a story where users are heroes. Neuroscience perspectives of each “Test-Driven Activity” will be highlighted, to explain what story ingredients hook customers' and stakeholders' minds.