JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


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Design Sprint Master (2 days)

Get hands-on experience to help to implement Design Sprints in this two-day course. Get tools and method tips for creating and testing prototypes, and leave with your own self-developed prototype. Recognized training for the DSA Design Sprint Master (DSM) exam.

  • Gain practical understanding of each step in the Design Sprint process
  • Experience & practice the framework from a real example Design Sprint
  • Become acquainted with the role “facilitator” to run your own sprints
  • Create your own self-developed prototype
  • Discover tools & methods for creating & testing prototypes
  • Learn from previous sprints of our trainers - best practices tips from experts

In our Design Sprint Workshop we share  our experience from projects with focus on Design Thinking, Agile Developments, UX Design, and customer communication. We follow the Google Ventures framework for Design Sprints and prepare  workshop participants to use this approach. rom a promising idea to testing a finished prototype with real customers, . this approach enables us to achieve rapid, repeatable innovation cycles and make companies fit for their future and today's fast-moving markets. 

This course teaches the entire sprint process. With the help of a real, practical example we take you step by step through the individual sprint stages. Experience how rewarding and challenging Design Sprints might be. After the course you will have an understanding of how a Design Sprint works, when it is applicable, and what upfront preparation is necessary. Moreover, we equip you with additional information on how to run your first Design Sprint and how to refine your facilitator techniques constantly.


Who Should Attend

Practically anyone looking for innovations and improvements can apply this method. The course is aimed in particular at:

  • Product managers and product coordinators
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Startup Founders & Managing Directors


Laptop Required

Attendees are required to bring their own laptop



No special previous knowledge is required. The Design Sprint Master course builds on the Google Ventures Framework and Jake Knapp's SPRINT book. It is further developed by drawing on our trainers' experience of many sprints in large and small businesses. Although reading SPRINT is not a prerequisite, it will  offer advantages in being better prepared for the individual steps of the process.


Course Certification

The Design Sprint Alliance's Design Sprint Master (DSM) certification exam is an additional $200 USD and is not included in the course price. You can register to take the exam here.


Course Outline

  • Overview of Sprint and rules
  • Introduce the Challenge
  • Directions for HMW’s    
  • Understand: Lightning Talk
  • Business Perspective 
  • Voice of the User 
  • User Journeys and Pain Points
  • Design Evolution/Product Audit
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Technological Opportunities
  • HMW’s and Affinity Mapping
  • Review existing User Journey
  • Map out an improved journey
  • Success Metrics
  • Comparable Problem in Parallel Space
  • Boot up
  • Crazy 8’s Sketching
  • Solution Sketch    
  • Present Solution Sketches
  • Assumptions & Sprint Questions
  • Vote and decide on what to Prototype
  • Storyboarding    
  • Assign tasks & Start Prototyping
  • End Prototyping
  • User Test
  • End of Sprint


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