Destroying DevOps Culture Anti-Patterns

DevOps in tech is a set of practices and culture, not a team, tool, or something you hire a consultant for. Identify the Anti-Patterns and attack them.

The tech industry aligns with DevOps being a set of practices and culture that an organization uses to deliver development, testing, and operational excellence. DevOps should not be a team, tools, or something you hire a consultant for. In technology practices anti-patterns are behaviors that crop up which hinder the best efforts of an organization. Learn to how to identify these DevOps Culture Anti-patterns and then attack them in specific ways to resolve these issues. * Tribal Knowledge * Super Hero Culture * Silos * Centralized Decision Making * Quality at the end of the development process * Information Hoarding * Manual processes How you respond to and learn to change from failures will determine the outcome of your journey. A DevOps journey is just that, a road in which the final state is always reset once you cross the finish line and head towards the new goal.

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