DevOps & Quality: Managing the Testing Tool Stack

Determine the right testing tool stack for your DevOps initiatives.

Quality trumps speed for DevOps. Learn the tools and techniques needed for true quality and digital transformation.

Since the pandemic, the phrase "every company is a software company" rings true across every industry. However, as companies attempt to modernize their organizations, testing and test automation have been viewed as the bottleneck for digital transformation initiatives. Many organizations struggle with building a DevOps tool stack and incorporating software quality into the DevOps pipeline.

Join Clint Sprauve, Enterprise Strategist with Tricentis, and learn:

- How to build a quality tool stack for modern software development
- Which test automation tools and frameworks work best for DevOps
- The new practices for software quality beyond functional & performance
- The core differences between Agile and DevOps
- How to choose what works best for your organization

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