Diet and Mental Health: Making the Connection

Food for Thought

A look at the microbiology within your body and how foods are broken down into building blocks needed by your brain.

You have heard You Are What You Eat, BUT, how does what you eat influence how you think and behave? Many factors affect mood and mental health from within the body and external to the body. This presentation will briefly explore how diet or food choices affect neurotransmitters and hormones which, govern a wide range of behaviors; how vitamin and mineral deficiencies or excesses can cause neural structural changes that impact mood; how inflammation resulting from dietary imbalance is responsible for organ and system dysfunction leading to altered brain responses; and, how the intestinal microbiome is implicated in gut-brain communication.

The food choices we make have an effect on our mood and mental health and the reverse is also true, mood and mental health play a role in our food choices. Karen will provide some simple tips to help you make food choices that align with body needs for improving mood and mental health.

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