Don't go chasing waterfalls!

Empowering your team to test with you when things are moving too fast

You can lead a team to a test case, but you can't expect them to run it. One build team's journey into the wild world of quality as a whole team effort, and the lessons we learned along the way.

Agile transitions are challenging for everybody, especially if you’re a company with deeply established processes. Change is hard! One challenge in particular that my team struggled with was leaning almost entirely on QA to ensure quality at the end of the dev cycle. This was slow and cumbersome to our process and didn’t feel particularly agile. We realized were were falling into the trap of mini-waterfalls and old habits.

So how do you break the cycle? Or better yet, how do you break the cycle and continue to increase velocity without burning production down with new bugs?

In this chat I will explore ways my team addressed these challenges from the perspective of a dedicated manual tester on a build team. Not only did we shift how we approached building things, but also how we tested them too. This presentation will include the actual tools, resources, and testing strategies I developed to support my team’s quality efforts. We’ll talk about how to make testing feel approachable to “non testers”, the true meaning of ‘dev testing’, and the talking points that resonated the most not just with my team, but other devs, testers, and the organization as a whole.

This is the story of how my team tackled our baggage together to remove QA as the gatekeeper and install ourselves as gate guardians together instead.

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