JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


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Emotional Intelligence in Quality Assurance

Tips on how to effectively channel your valuable emotional energy

Testers & leaders in Quality Assurance often face cultural & team pitfalls that can lead to less-than-productive behaviors and slow teams down. Learn how to channel challenges into effective outcomes.

Testers & leaders in Quality Assurance often face cultural & team challenges that can trigger less-than-productive behaviors which slow teams down and take the fun out of our careers. These issues fall into categories not often discussed in polite company. This talk will cover practical insights that can be used to turn these challenges around.

Emotional Intelligence has risen to a high level of prominence in corporate and cultural conversations. Quality professionals have a unique opportunity to benefit their teams by refining “non-technical” skills in the categories of: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management (Goleman EI model).

Real-world challenges include: schedule pressures and rapidly changing priorities; feeling unheard, untrusted or silenced; dealing with divas and heroes; facing blame or overt disrespect; or feeling like an optional team member left out of the loop on information critical to your job.

The goal of this talk is for attendees to feel empowered to:

  • scan for and spot trigger issues

  • channel frustration, defensiveness or anger into productive behaviors your colleagues will resonate with

  • use humor to deliver tough messages 

  • find visual ways to represent quality data so that your story is heard 

  • see and overcome areas where professional respect might be lacking (if it's not given for free, earn it)

  • empower others to help you and reward them with loyalty 

  • refine communication to the individual, the audience and the level so that messages are received as intended 

  • encourage a continuous improvement culture that rewards transparency and the ability to “fail fast” 

  • help your team and your company go faster

  • And remember: there’s no crying in software!

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